Underdog Apparel is a nonprofit that funds programs that improve the lives of Philadelphia’s youth. The nonprofit was created to celebrate the incredible community of Philadelphia, while also creating a better future for the next generation.

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Creative Direction
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Avenue West was brought on at the inception of this project. We helped bring Jason Kelce’s ideas to fruition through strategy, branding and collaboration with printers, illustrators, photographers and other creative professionals.

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The Underdog logo honors the historic moment in Jason Kelce’s 2018 Super Bowl speech in which he steadfastly defended his team and teammates. The 2018 Super Bowl Champion Eagles were all but counted out. Several pundits called them “underdogs” despite their stellar record. In response, Jason and his teammates Lane Johnson and Chris Long wore rubber dog masks to a game, owning their “hungry dog” identity and putting the critics in their place. Underdog’s branding honors Philadelphia and uplifts the underdog in all of us.‍


With a brand focused on giving back and making a positive impact, we had to ensure that the packaging fit the Underdog ethos. To accomplish this, we chose natural, recycled packaging to reflect to essence of the brand and minimize carbon footprint.

Creative Design

We worked with local illustrator Bruno Guerreiro to create a suite of limited edition t-shirts celebrating active and retired Eagles players. The goal was to create a line of “sports nostalgia” apparel to be worn for decades to come.


We partnered with REC Philly to orchestrate two photoshoots to capture Underdog’s first line of apparel. The first photoshoot was set at NovaCare, the Eagle’s official training facility. 14 Eagles players generously offered their time to model the new line.


The second photoshoot was shot at REC Philly’s photo studio with a collection of local Philly models.


Within the first three days of the website launching, Underdog did $100,000 in sales. Check out the website here.

Social Media

In this social media case study, we delve into the dynamic 10-month journey of managing Jason Kelce’s emerging apparel brand, Underdog PHL. Avenue West played a multifaceted role, serving as the marketing team, strategists, content producers, and creative directors, driving the evolution of Underdog PHL’s brand identity.









Strategies & Tackics

We crafted a strategic roadmap that included a mix of engaging content, storytelling, and community-building initiatives. By skillfully integrating elements that resonated with the Eagles’ underdog spirit, we harnessed the power of nostalgia while also building a new brand voice for Underdog PHL.

The Results

Over a 10-month period, Underdog PHL experienced a significant upswing in brand recognition and engagement levels. The brand voice transitioned from being solely about The 2018 Eagles underdog moments to celebrating the everyday nderdog in all of us. This metamorphosis resonated deeply with Jason Kelce’s fans, who eagerly embraced Underdog PHL’s unique spirit.

This case study is a testament to the power of effective social media management in transforming a niche following into a dedicated community of brand enthusiasts. It serves as a testament to the art of seamlessly merging sports loyalty with brand passion.

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