Make the World Better  is a nonprofit that connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects. MTWB believes that communities prosper when all people have access to high-quality public spaces that provide safe outlets for recreation, sports, and arts-based activities.

Make the World Better

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Website Design
Website Development
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Make the World Better wanted a fresh take on their website. A core part of what they do is revitalize urban spaces by building parks and recreational centers. These are places where children can experience freedom, excitement and joy. We aimed to design and build a website that communicated these feelings of childlike whimsy to their online audience.

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“Avenue West was a pleasure to work with on our website design and launch. Their ability to execute on our vision and brand identity made the process of getting a new site up and running incredibly efficient. Perhaps most importantly, their patience and attentiveness to our feedback was a refreshing change from most other firms we have worked with previously. I would highly recommend Avenue West to anyone looking for assistance with web design and creative direction."
- Jesse Rendell, Executive Director

Web Design

Make the World Better wanted to create a nontraditional nonprofit website, something playful that reflected their core mission of bringing joy to children in Philadelphia. We accomplished this by using bright colors derived from the MTWB brand, playful custom icons, and lots of vibrant photographs.

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